Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight

Download the free ebook on the HDInsight Windows Azure Service. This service lets you spin up a hadoop cluster in minutes.


Videos: Microsoft BIG Data

Big Data videos released to YouTube A Growing World of Data – Part 1 of a 4 part series on Microsoft’s unique approach to Business Intelligence and Big Data –       The World of Big Data – Part 2 of a 4 part series on Microsoft’s unique approach to Business Intelligence and Big Data…


Microsoft Big Data Platform (HDInsight) in action

Big Data and BI working together Date/Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 6:30 PM Location: The City Hotel, Sydney Big Data & Traditional BI solutions working together to enhance insights Big Data approaches allow us to solve some traditionally difficult problems – but traditional BI has been solving some business problems pretty well for the last…


New Public Previews of Hadoop for Windows and Windows Azure

Public previews of Windows Azure HDInsight Service and Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows, Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop-based solutions for Windows Azure and Windows Server. For more information and access to the previews go to – Why Microsoft HDInsight? 100% Apache Hadoop compatible Big Data implementation. Microsoft support of HDInsight on Windows Server and Windows Azure….


Technical Case Study: Klout implementation of Analysis Services over Hive (Big Data)

Klout ( measures influence across the social web by analyzing social network user data. Klout uses the impact of opinions, links, and recommendations to identify influential individuals. Every day Klout scans 15 social networks, scores hundreds of millions of profiles, and processes over 12 billion data points. The Klout data warehouse, which relies on Apache…


Big Data in my little head

I recently attended internal training on Microsoft Big Data presented by our partner in this space Horton Works. It was a bit of a learning curve as the world of Big Data is a paradigm shift to the relational world, or so I thought. It turns out it isn’t that remarkably different. The Horton Works…


BigData! Hype or Reality?

I have recently had the opportunity to present on the topic of BigData at several forums including the DW 2.0 Asia-Pac Summit and at the Microsoft Big Picture event. At both these events there were sceptics of BigData and as such I thought I might write this blog post. I must agree partly though with…