Selecting the right Self-Service BI Tool

Self service BI is getting lot of attention, and there are lot of tools out there in the market from multiple vendors. Some with real great visualization and leveraging the new in-memory processing models. Remember that when it comes to Self-service BI you want to make it as easy as possible for the people in…


BigData! Hype or Reality?

I have recently had the opportunity to present on the topic of BigData at several forums including the DW 2.0 Asia-Pac Summit and at the Microsoft Big Picture event. At both these events there were sceptics of BigData and as such I thought I might write this blog post. I must agree partly though with…


PowerPivot in Action

Microsoft partners Extended Results have done it again. They have released another great PowerPivot based Analytics tool – this time for analysing Twitter feeds. The first was a calendar based analytics tools which allowed you to analyse how you and/or your team spend time based on your calendar events in Microsoft Exchange. Analytics for Twitter…


Think you are a Excel Guru? Why don’t you check for yourself

We launched the Excelerators Quiz and the Alpha Geek Challenge. Go now to the sites below and take the quiz to see if you’re anywhere near as good as Donald Farmer!  Remember to post your results on Facebook and Twitter or even challenge a friend!  Also spread the word to all your Alpha Geek pals…


Want to try PowerPivot for Excel 2010, but don’t have access to Excel 2010

Well then follow the below link and you can launch an virtual lab that takes you through the PowerPivot add-in. The only thing you need to install is an ActiveX control to let you access the virtual lab environment.