Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft Azure HDInsight

Download the free ebook on the HDInsight Windows Azure Service. This service lets you spin up a hadoop cluster in minutes.


Quickest way to deploy a Microsoft BI environment based on SharePoint – in the Windows Azure cloud

I have recently been talking to a lot of customers and partners about what is the fastest way to deploy a Microsoft BI environment leveraging SharePoint and i usually point them to the following articles on msdn which have Power Shell scripts to deploy the environment. Use PowerShell to Create a Windows Azure VM With…


Big Data in Cloud with HDInsight Service Preview

Preview of the Windows Azure HDInsight Service — our cloud-based distribution of Hadoop – is broadly available through the Windows Azure Portal. The Windows Azure HDInsight Service is built on the Hortonworks Data Platform to ensure long term compatibility with Apache Hadoop, while providing customers with the low cost and elasticity of cloud computing. Starting…


Big Data in my little head

I recently attended internal training on Microsoft Big Data presented by our partner in this space Horton Works. It was a bit of a learning curve as the world of Big Data is a paradigm shift to the relational world, or so I thought. It turns out it isn’t that remarkably different. The Horton Works…


I have had my head in the cloud lately…..

With the launch of the Virtual Machine preview on Windows Azure along with Media Services and Websites I have been busy just setting up a few environments. It has been really easy to spin up new VMs very quickly – literally in few clicks once you have registered for the preview for Virtual Machine. What’s…


What? You still think RAC is the answer for your high end database platform requirements even with SQL Server 2012 & SQL Azure now released! Time to think again

If you really have a requirement for scaling out your database workload today then an option that is available to you is the public cloud with SQL Azure. This enables you to future proof your architecture and manage the scale without the complexity and overhead of managing the infrastructure. You can be future proofed by…


BigData! Hype or Reality?

I have recently had the opportunity to present on the topic of BigData at several forums including the DW 2.0 Asia-Pac Summit and at the Microsoft Big Picture event. At both these events there were sceptics of BigData and as such I thought I might write this blog post. I must agree partly though with…