Perceptive Pixel (PPI) and Power BI

I recently had the opportunity to setup the new Perceptive Pixel screens from Microsoft, these are various display sizes - 55inch, 82inches, and the one I setup was 55 inches. Microsoft recently acquired Perceptive Pixel and we are starting to make available these screens. The main benefits of these screens are that they are 100 touch point capable, ability to support multiple stylus's so that you can collaborate around the one screen and use it like a whiteboard. You can launch multiple Windows 8.1 apps, in my play time with it I was able to snap 3 apps next to each other and 3 different people work on the one screen at the same time, this was really great.

Upon unboxing the product I didn't find a lot of manuals with it to help in setting up the stand for it, this is because everything is online and accessible at the below site:

I took the following photos of it as I set it up and got Power BI ( demos working on it, which by the way is a great use case for the PPI screen. You can interact with your data visually and especially with the Power Map visualisation it enables you to zoom in and zoom out of certain locations and spin the globe with ease.

The PPI screens are ideal for meeting rooms and I would suggest any organisations looking to update their meeting room infrastructure to look at these screens as they are great with Lync and being able to collaborate.

Below are some photos of the setup:


After the setup I fired up some Power BI demos with Q&A and Power Map below:


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