Teched Australia 2013 – Day One


A great start to Teched 2013 with a packed session by Dandy Weyn on SQL Server 2014. People are enjoying the in-memory capabilities.

The second session by Dr Greg Low also talked more about in-memory capability with Tabular models in SQL server Analysis Services.



Towards the end of the day we went into Big Data and BI with sessions from Danny Tambs and Simon Brown. In case you missed any of today's great sessions, remember to come back to Channel9 and watch the recorded sessions.


Day 2 promises to be another big one, and ensure you don't miss my session at 11:30am on Cloud OS for Database You will see the Windows Azure Pack in action to enable you to deploy out SQL server and other databases using a Azure Portal like experience on your premise. My colleague James Crawshaw (HyperV man) will join me and bring along his great infrastructure knowledge.

Then on rest of Day 2 come see James Beresford from Avanade present a practical use of Big Data and how you can leverage the Microsoft BI stack including HDInsight. Further there is the extraordinary Peter Meyers presenting a data mining session, should be a really good one.

See you at the convention center.



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  1. WQ says: Sure, the process of flinging a spinnerbait may catch a rogue fish off of nothing here and there, but I’ve found that during the course of the average true cover-seeking day, your only looking for a few extra bites from “between” bass. I’d rather be locked and loaded for the gentle pitch, then carelessly unleashing the firing– squad. What I mean is that in most cases I’d rather be putting along “between” at a moderate pace with the same jig in my hand that I had success with on
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