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Turning Data into Dollars – leveraging Business Intelligence to grow your business

13 August at 1pm AEST


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Shashank Pawar
Data Platform Specialist
Microsoft Australia

And Mike Ward, SQL Server Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Australia


13 August 1pm AEST



Leverage Business Intelligence to grow your business




About our Webinars


In this Webinar, you'll see how self-service Business Intelligence can empower all users to leverage built-in analytics tools available in Excel.

This Webinar includes demonstrations of Xvelocity, hybrid IT with Windows Azure and tips on how to analyse and visualise Big Data.

Xvelocity – explore data much more interactively and enhance business value with columnstore indexes in SQL Server.

Hybrid IT with Windows Azure – back up and restore on-premises databases or on-premises virtual machines to the cloud.

Analyse and Visualise Big Data – use Excel 2013 with PowerView to connect to a Hadoop-based big-data store. PowerView in Excel 2013 enables users to quickly visualise data and get to insights.

Hosted by a Microsoft expert(s), each fortnightly bite-sized session unpicks the current challenges facing organisations.

Each session includes a live chat feature so you can get instant answers to your tough questions. Our Webinars are a great way to kick-start the conversation in your organisation.

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