TechEd Australia 2012: Call for Topics is Live!


Planning for TechEd Australia 2012! is well underway, and this year I have the opportunity be technical track owner for the Database & BI track along with my colleagues Raja and Simon Brown.

Teched wouldn’t be a success without great content from the field, and as such it presents an opportunity to showcase your expertise, creativity and passion for Database & BI implementations/learning's.

Please submit your sessions using the Call for Topics tool at:

As you know this year is a big year for Microsoft in regards to product releases and focus areas.  With that in mind we have changed our track listing slightly to be more focused on 2 areas:

  • The Microsoft Private Cloud
  • Building apps for Windows 8

Also feel free to let your colleagues know about the other track sessions that will be available at Teched Australia this year:

Windows Azure
Database and Business Intelligence
Developer Tools, Languages and Frameworks
Office, Office 365 and SharePoint
Security, Identity and Management
Exchange and Lync
Windows Client
Windows Phone
Windows Server

The Call for Topics tool is open from today; May 22nd 2012 until Monday June 18th 2012.  Get those creative juices going and start submitting sessions.  When you are submitting sessions please keep the following in mind:

To enhance the success of your session submission, please prepare your content to ensure it provides TechEd attendees with comprehensive technical readiness to inspire and succeed in their career. Your content should also align to meet the content themes for TechEd 2012, which are:

For Developers:  TechEd is the place to get ready to create Windows 8 Metro style apps.

For IT Professionals: TechEd will provide an accelerated path to the skills they need to deploy, manage and secure a Private Cloud within their organisation.

Submissions that compliment the 2012 content themes will be recognised throughout the approval process. teched2012logo

Below are some additional tips for a successful submission:

  • Abstracts should be limited to 300 words
  • Be sure to showcase your speaking experience
  • A succinct and descriptive session title is a must to engage attendees and should match the delivered content 100%
  • Session objectives should indicate clearly what a delegate will gain from attending the session
  • Build your presentations with 60-65 mins of content and allow 10-15 mins for Q&A
  • TechEd is about technical readiness so focus on the technology and ensure there is no blatant marketing in your content

Good luck with your submissions and we look forward to see some great sessions submitted!

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