Long time since I blogged – lots has happened in the SQL Server World

I have not had the opportunity to blog in the last month and this has partly been due to a busy work schedule, however the greater reason was a technological one. This of course was the release of the Surface. I had pre-ordered mine and it was always my intent to use it as my…


Microsoft Big Data Platform (HDInsight) in action

Big Data and BI working together Date/Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 6:30 PM Location: The City Hotel, Sydney Big Data & Traditional BI solutions working together to enhance insights Big Data approaches allow us to solve some traditionally difficult problems – but traditional BI has been solving some business problems pretty well for the last…


Briefing: Mission Critical Confidence in the Enterprise

  High availability, manageability, performance, scalability, security and compliance – a heavy  set of requirements for meeting the needs of a mission critical workload.  SQL Server 2012 is setting the new standard for these criteria —helping customers achieve the uptime and performance they need at a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), backed by built-in…


Windows Azure Cloud Platform Poster

They say pictures tell you a 1000 words and helps you to understand things clearly. Well certainly then you will find this poster very useful in making it clearer and easier to understand what exactly is Windows Azure and all of the services offered. Of course being the Data Platform guy, my favourite services are:…


Virtualise and Consolidate SQL Server with confidence on Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V

  The study by ESG Labs, demonstrates performance, scalability, and low overhead of Hyper-V can be used to reduce costs and improve the manageability, flexibility, and availability of SQL Server workloads. Through their testing, ESG Lab confirmed that the performance and scalability of Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V makes it possible to consolidate a tier-1…


New Public Previews of Hadoop for Windows and Windows Azure

Public previews of Windows Azure HDInsight Service and Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows, Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop-based solutions for Windows Azure and Windows Server. For more information and access to the previews go to – http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/en/us/solutions-technologies/business-intelligence/big-data.aspx Why Microsoft HDInsight? 100% Apache Hadoop compatible Big Data implementation. Microsoft support of HDInsight on Windows Server and Windows Azure….


Technical Case Study: Klout implementation of Analysis Services over Hive (Big Data)

Klout (www.klout.com) measures influence across the social web by analyzing social network user data. Klout uses the impact of opinions, links, and recommendations to identify influential individuals. Every day Klout scans 15 social networks, scores hundreds of millions of profiles, and processes over 12 billion data points. The Klout data warehouse, which relies on Apache…


SQL Server Technical Bootcamps for Service Providers

  This is an invite-only, technical boot camp for Hosting Service Providers that offers 300 level training of SQL Server 2012. This two day training with labs shows how Microsoft SQL Server 2012 can be used by Hosting Service Providers to enhance their existing database service offerings and build out new offerings such as high…


Windows Server 2012 has released

Today marks the General Availability of Windows Server 2012. Windows Server 2012 is a cornerstone of the Cloud OS, providing customers and partners with a modern platform for their applications.  It is the world’s first server that is “built from the cloud up”. Windows Server 2012 expands the definition of a server operating system from…


Selecting the right Self-Service BI Tool

Self service BI is getting lot of attention, and there are lot of tools out there in the market from multiple vendors. Some with real great visualization and leveraging the new in-memory processing models. Remember that when it comes to Self-service BI you want to make it as easy as possible for the people in…