Teched Australia 2009

Just got back from sunny Gold Coast, with what I can say was a very successful Teched, at least from my perspective and the many attendees I talked to.

I think the biggest thing this year at Teched were the HP mini Netbooks. They were widely used by all attendees, during sessions, breaks, just about everywhere.

First of all I would like to thank every one that attended by SQL 302 talk about SQL Server Security and Compliance. If you were not able to get hold of the decks/scripts or the whitepapers I referenced during my talk, you can get to it at the following link as well -

Meanwhile in the exhibition hall I had some great conversations with people around SQL Server query tuning, designing including use of partitioning, high availability and use of replication. One common question that was on the mind of many is about the advantages with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.

As this was a common question, my colleague Ron Dunn and I put together a TechTalk. This can be accessed at -

One of my other colleagues Geoff Clarke come up with an easy way to remember the above benefits/features and more of SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition:


This stands for the following:


Online Features
Resource Governor
Business Intelligence

The next hot topic that was on the tongues of many was the upcoming Project Gemini feature in SQL Server 2008 R2 and Excel 2010. Kamal Hathi’s session was a super hit. To see demos of Project Gemini see the following video, else contact me.

I was truly exhausted by the end of the three days, but had a great time meeting you there. Now back to real world, and will be following up with some of you shortly

Happy SQLing.

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