Reporting Services Tip – Automating the creation of multiple charts

I had a question regarding automating the creation of multiple charts from one dataset, instead of having all the series being plotted on the one chart.

An example of where this may be applicable if you have a dataset that has CPU usage for a number of Servers, and you want to create one chart for each server.


Following are the steps you can use to automate the creation of multiple charts.

  • Create a table in the report
  • Add a table group, based on server name
  • Increase the height/width of the table group header, so that you can place a chart inside the table group header
  • Design your chart (chart title based on the current server name)
Comments (1)

  1. Yen says:

    I did this , the chart is pefectly show in the preview (VS), but after deployed to SRS Report Manager, the chart is blank without any error.. do you know why?

    how can the chart be shown up?

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