In case you were wondering…..SQL Server 2008 Change Data Capture

Today I just had a question from someone with regards to SQL Server Change Data Capture and database compatibility level. The questions was will CDC work with databases with compatibility level 80 or 90 on SQL Server 2008. And the answer is.......


YES!!! I conducted some basic testing today with databases with compatibility level 80 and 90 and I was able to use CDC features and capture the changes on a table.

 Another question I get is that can this be used on SQL Server 2005, and the answer unfortunately is NO.....; but there is some good news, you can look at using 2008 transactional subscriber to SQL Server 2005 system and enable CDC to capture the incremental changes that way. This may not be the most optimised way of ahcieving it but could be used in an upgrade/migration process.

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