New Releases by the SQL Server CAT Team

The SQL Server Customer Advisory Team, Best Practices group just released four projects to CodePlex at


These projects are:


·         SQL Server Analysis Services Performance Monitoring and Visualization Methodology - This methodology collects and processes SQL Server Analysis Services trace files by using SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server stored procedures. It then utilizes SQL Server Reporting Services reports to visualize performance issues related to MDX queries and processing jobs. This methodology includes components to work with both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 CTP6.

·         Compress Many-to-Many C# Utility - This project creates a utility that enables you to easily implement the many-to-many compression technique discussed in the Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques best practices white paper. You can download this white paper from the SQL Server Best Practices web site at: Many thanks to Eugene Asahara for his work on this project.

·         Create a Processing Log Script Project - This project contains a script that enables you to create a system-wide processing log file for monitoring / auditing purposes. It also contains a script that enables you to delete a system-wide processing file. Many thanks to Dave Wickert for his work on this project.

·         Powershell Scripts for SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services DMVs - These sample scripts demonstrate how to use Powershell to query SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services DMV's. The four sample scripts enable you to cancel all queries running longer than a specified length of time, cancel a particular session/SPID/connection, retrieve the Analysis Services version, or return the results of any DMV query. Many thanks to Dave Wickert and Edward Melomed for their work on this project.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Powershell Scripts for DMV(SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services 向け)がCodeplex プロジェクトで公開

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