Pre-req for SQL Server Clustering Installation

Here is a list of services that needs to be running on ALL Cluster  Nodes prior to installing SQL Server on a Windows Cluster.


On the server or if clustered on all nodes stop the services again except for:

·         Alerter

·         Cluster Service

·         Computer Browser

·         Cryptographic Services

·         DHCP Client ( only if you are using DHCP)

·         Distributed File System

·         Distributed Link Tracking Client

·         Distributed Link Tracking Server

·         DNS Client

·         Event Log

·         IPSEC Policy Agent

·         License Logging Service

·         Logical Disk Manager

·         Messenger

·         Net Logon

·         Network Connectors

·         NTLM Security Support Provider

·         Plug and Play

·         Process Control

·         Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator

·         Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service

·         Remote Registry Service

·         Removable Storage

·         Security Accounts Manager

·         Server

·         Spooler

·         Task Scheduler

·         TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

·         Time Service

·         Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions

·         Windows Time Service

·         Workstation


NOTE:  Leave any services required by SAN or network adapters online


Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    That list doesn’t seem very accurate.

    Computer Browser is a pretty useless service in an AD environment, and doesn’t affect wins name resolution either.

    DHCP Client is needed even if you are not using DHCP.  Disabling it prevents dynamic DNS registration.

    License Logging Service does not need to be enabled for any useful reason.

    Messenger service does not need to be enabled, unless you want to get deprecated pop up messages.

    Spooler isn’t needed unless you need to print from the server itself.

  2. aw says:

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