Siemens: Using compression to improve performance and reduce costs

In prior posts, I have described the benefit of Read-Committed Snapshot Isolation (RCSI). RCSI will usually benefit most ISV databases. Another method may benefit many ISV databases (running on SQL Server 2008 and later):  compression. Compression is often ignored because of user experiences with the apparent slowness of zipping and unzipping files. There is an important…


ITRON: IEE MDM Support for Microsoft Platforms

I have listed below which Microsoft technologies are supported by Itron’s Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management. Architecture Tier Product Operating System Client (Rich Client Userface) Microsoft IE 6.xMicrosoft IE 7Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 SP1Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0 SP1Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 Windows XP SP3 (32 +64 bit)  Windows Vista (32 +64 bit)  Windows 7 (32 +64…


Itron: Cutting edge technology running on .Net 4.0 Parallel Computing

The classic Moore’s law has the power available from CPUs doubling every two years. This is true but there has been a slight critical change. Ten years ago I purchased a high-end developer laptop that ran a single core 3.2 GHz CPU that left me with a hot lap and lasted 15 minutes on batteries….


Fundamentals: Cloning a production database to a test server

Recently I had a conversation with someone who maintains an ISV offering. He is the acting SQL Server DBA (for several years now). He described what he did to move a copy of the current production system for a training session on another continent. The steps he took were: Take the database off line Detach the production database Copy the…


Lawson: Support for Microsoft Platforms

I have listed below which Microsoft technologies are supported by Lawson M3 (7.1) and S3 (9.0) releases. Architecture Tier Product Operating System Client Microsoft Office 2003 SP3Microsoft Office 2007 SP1 Windows XP SP3 (32+64 bit)Windows Vista SP (32+64 bit)Windows 7 (32+64 bit)Windows Server 2003 (32+64 bit)Windows Server 2008 (32+64 bit)Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit) Database Server SQL Server 2005 with…


Kronos’ tip: Avoiding an installation issue

Advisor and Reviewer: Bryan deSilva, Managing Director and Chief Evangelist at His bio can be found here.    Recently I had a conversation with Bryan deSilva, Chief Evangelist of Improvizations, a firm that specializes in workforce management software implementations. He is an active blogger on Kronos (here). During our chat, he identified one common…


Don’t let documents and mixed media complicate your product!

For the last twenty-five years, I have faced the pain of needing to store documents and mixed media in a relational database management system. When you are designing or building your ISV product you have probably experienced the same pain. By mixed media I mean images, video and audio files – not oils, inks and…


Guest Article: Storing CAD Databases in the Cloud

Author: Deelip Menezes The following article is authored by PLM industry analyst and CAD expert Deelip Menezes. His complete bio can be found here.    For some time now, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems have been storing project data in individual files. But recent developments in product lifecycle management platforms, such as Dassault Systemes CATIA V6,…


Temenos In The Cloud – T24 on Windows Azure

The Temenos T24 application becomes the first core banking system to go into production with customers on Azure.   “The combination of T24 and the Windows Azure platform, including SQL Azure, allows banks to remove the high data centre costs associated with running a multi-application environment by moving these operations to a consumption based pricing model….


Change Data Capture – What is it and how do I use it?

In the All Good Things Come to an End – Why You Should Upgrade article we discussed some of the new features that applications can take advantage of by upgrading to SQL Server 2008. CDC (Change Data Capture) was introduced in SQL Server 2008 as a way to capture the data that is inserted, updated, or…