Step-by-step guidance for setting up high availability for the PROS Pricing Solution Suite running on SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Pricing is a powerful lever for improving business profits. Organizations can use the PROS Pricing Solution Suite (PPSS) to uncover the value that is hidden in their data and to improve their financial performance. Because continuousaccess to PROS data is critical for an organization, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 provides technologies that can help ensure that…


PROS: Energy pricing showcased on SQL Server

PROS, the world leader in enterprise business-to-business pricing and margin optimization software showcased its energy industry solution at the Microsoft Global Energy Forum 2011 in Houston, TX.  PROS showcased how they worked together with Microsoft to enable customers to improve control, visibility and agility while realizing the most profitable pricing for market conditions. The PROS…


PROS: Tarmac cements future growth and profits with PROS Pricing running on SQL Server

Tarmac is a cement and aggregates manufacturer operating in the United Kingdom. Tarmac produces the material to build roads and buildings: crushed rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, cement, concrete and mortar.  Tarmac was PROS’ first customer in the quarrying and construction industry. “PROS’ references were also substantially better than any competitor — the biggest differentiator for Tarmac.”   – Chris…


Migration: The value gained moving from Oracle to SQL Server 2008R2

[DB2 Migration Value]  [Sybase Migration Value] In the early 1980’s I was an Oracle Developer on mainframes and on MS-DOS using Oracle 5.1 on MS-DOS (distributed on some 20+ diskettes — I still have them). It was an interesting time because PC products like dBase II were power-user friendly but did not scale. Oracle scaled, but was…


PROS: Reducing the cost to health care by using SQL Server

A leading health care distribution company selected PROS on SQL Server to increase visibility into transaction types, and identify opportunities within customer and product segments. “the company needed a partner that would hold down total cost of ownership. PROS leveraged its relationship with Microsoft to provide a high-performance, scalable solution utilizing SQL Server Analysis Services….


Fundamentals: Running Database Engine Tuning Advisor and Selecting Indexes

 [Prior Post in Series]   [Next Post in Series] In my last post Fundamentals: Creating a Workload by Using a Trace Log, I illustrated how to create a workload. In this post, I will look at the complimentary step, using the log as input to the Database Engine Tuning Advisor to identify performance-improving indexes. This in-depth process takes some…


Fundamentals: Creating a Workload by Using a Trace Log

[Next Post in Series] This is the kick-off post of a regular Friday series of posts, “Basic Skills for SQL Server ISV Administrators”. I have found that ISV Administrators are often Professional Engineers (P.E.) — rich in business knowledge and light in Information Technology expertise.  In this series of posts, I will give visual step-by-step instructions on…


Best Practices Analyzer for ISV SQL Servers to protect your company’s property

The intellectual property(IP) or other valuable information may be stored on SQL Server in your ISV product. Its value is more than credit card records (credit cards can be cancelled if lost, IP can’t). It may be the equivalent of a state secret for your firm. Microsoft provides two versions of its free Best Practices…


Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server

[Next Post in Series: Kronos Migration] My first experience with data migration dates from the 1970’s when a firm was moving from a Honeywell Mainframe (64KB of memory, no DASD — just tape drives) to an IBM 4331 (2 MB of memory and DASD). In those days, computer manufacturers often had different character codes (EBCDIC…