Proven Performance: Misys Loan IQ v7.2 Running on SQL Server 2012

Misys, Microsoft, HP, and Intel worked together to test the performance and scalability of Misys Loan IQ—the market-leading commercial lending software from Misys—running on SQL Server, Windows Server, and HP servers powered by the Intel Xeon processor E7 family.

The results of the tests were very impressive, confirming that the joint solution can fully meet the performance and scalability requirements of very large tier-one customers. Highlights of the tests include the following:

  • The system demonstrated excellent performance at normal and peak loads, with a throughput of up to 34,949 business transactions per hour for a normal load and 113,243 transactions per hour for a peak load.
  • The system scaled from 140 concurrent users to 1,632 concurrent users with excellent throughput and response times.
  • The system experienced response times of less than three seconds for more than 90 percent of individual transactions.

For details, read the white paper.

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