Proven Performance for Accenture Duck Creek Policy Administration Commercial Lines on SQL Server 2012

Accenture, Microsoft, and Intel worked together to test the performance and scalability of Accenture Duck Creek insurance policy-administration software for Commercial Package Policies (CPPs) running on SQL Server 2012,  Windows Server 2008 R2, and servers based on the Intel Xeon processor family.

The results of the tests were very impressive, confirming that the joint solution can meet the performance and scalability requirements of very large tier-one insurance carriers. Highlights of the tests include the following:

  • Performance exceeded expectations. At peak production and with a simulated user community of 20,000, the system was able to process approximately $142 million in premium/hour and close to 70,000 transactions/day (including nightly batch renewals).
  • The system also demonstrated tremendous scalability. The tests showed that new business premium tripled from $8.55 million/hour to $25.19 million/hour when the workload and number of processing servers was tripled.
  • Policy page response times were less than 2 seconds for average-size and large-size policies (which make up 99% of a typical tier-one insurance carrier’s workload).

For details of the benchmark tests, read the white paper.

Comments (1)

  1. SQL Server 2012 says:

    This is a clear demonstration that SQL 2012 is not only Tier 1 ready, but the performance appears to be 15% faster than 2008R2.  If companies want to drive down operations cost to impact Combine Ratio's by consolidation or migration, Duck Creek, SQL 2012 on HP Hardware is a strategic option to consider.

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