Proven Performance: Aspen PIMS Platinum Running on SQL Server 2012

Aspen PIMS Platinum—the newest product  in AspenTech’s industry-leading solutions for petrochemical and refinery planning and optimization—helps planners make fast, accurate, and profitable decisions about production, plant operations, feedstock selection, and market responses. PIMS Platinum provides powerful new user interfaces and analytical features that are accessible over the web. Running Aspen PIMS Platinum on SQL Server provides unmatched scalability and performance, supporting very large databases and making it possible for numerous concurrent users to access planning models and share real-time enterprise data across the organization.

To confirm the performance and scalability of PIMS Platinum running on SQL Server 2012 and on Windows Server 2008 R2, AspenTech and Microsoft conducted joint benchmark testing using a typical refinery planning model and up to 1,800 planning case instances. The tests demonstrated that as the amount of data and the number of concurrent users increase, the joint solution continues to provide real-time results. Aspen PIMS Platinum running on SQL Server 2012 scales to support local, workgroup, and enterprise deployments, and provides an effective new way for planners to visualize results and share them across their organization.

For the details, read the white paper.


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