Running OpenText Email Monitoring and Records Management on SQL Server 2012 provides excellent performance and scalability

In February 2012, OpenText and Microsoft conducted "real-world" performance and scalability testing on the Email Monitoring and Records Management components of the OpenText ECM offering running on SQL Server 2012. The tests measured the
peak ingestion of email messages, in addition to the throughput when ingestion and dispositions of email messages were running concurrently.

The benchmark testing results were very impressive, with a peak ingestion of 995,000 email messages in a single hour, 14.8 million messages in a 24-hour period, or 171 messages per second—up to 15 times what existing customers typically
ingest. In addition, the test results showed that OpenText Email Monitoring can maintain very high ingestion rates, even while processing disposition actions. Records Management was able to destroy 8.65 million emails in the same period in which another 7.2 million emails were ingested—confirming that Records Management can keep up with even the busiest email monitoring environments.

Detailed results, as well as information about the test environment and about the server configurations used, can be found in the white paper.

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