Benchmark Results: Redknee TCB Running on SQL Server 2012 and Intel-Based Servers Scales to 250 Million Subscribers

Redknee, a leading global provider of real-time converged billing and customer care solutions for communications service providers, worked with Microsoft to test the performance and scalability of Redknee Turnkey Converged Billing (TCB) on SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Intel Xeon-based servers. The tests, designed to simulate the requirements of a typical tier-1 communications service provider, were conducted at the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center in Redmond, Washington, in November and December of 2011.

The results were impressive. The 250 million subscriber test exceeded the performance objectives for both invoicing and mediation, generating 26 million invoices within a six hour billing cycle, and mediating 4.9 billion Call Detail Records (CDRs) within 12 hours, showing a near-linear scalability as the number of subscribers increased. At peak performance, the system processed an average throughput of 1,249 invoices per second and mediated an average of 113,402 CDRs per second.

For all the details, read the solution brief.

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