Siemens PLM: How Systems-Driven Product Development Drives Success in the Automotive Industry (Webcast)

Successful automobile design today requires electronics and software design expertise in addition to traditional mechanics. Automotive engineers and product developers must be able to simultaneously design the various elements of mechatronic products to ensure that mechanical, electrical, systems, and software designs work together to contribute to a high-quality product.

Join moderator Peter Brown, publisher of Automotive News, for a discussion of how mechatronics increase product development complexity in the automotive sector, and learn how leading automotive enterprises are leveraging system engineering and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to develop highly innovative, profitable mechatronic products. Featured speakers include David Graff, Industry Lead of Manufacturing and Resources Sector at Microsoft; Joe Barkai, Research VP of Product Lifecycle Strategies at IDC Manufacturing Insights; and Dr. Stefan Jockusch, VP of Product Development at Siemens PLM Software.

Register for the webcast here.

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