Migration: Pentair experience migrating to Enovia V6R2009x on SQL Server from Oracle

Pentair has more than 13,000 employees in more than 20 countires produce a wide variety of products. More than 1500 employees regularly used their PLM systems which was running on Oracle.  Pentair is typical of many businesses: if a system is working, don't upgrade it! 

Time marches on, they found that:

  • Dassault Matrix 10.6.2 was no longer unsupported.
  • SolidWorks 2007 was the latest version that they could run

It was time to open the wallet and do an upgrade. After looking at the economics of using SQL Server versus Oracle, Pentair decided to try a test migration to SQL Server. The results was that SQL Server was their choice going forward.

The migration process was simple:

  • ENOVIA Professional Services did the initial conversion to the test systems
  • Microsoft Professional Services assisted with SQL Server cluster configuration
  • Conversion Script took 16.5 hours to execute.
    • Just one bug was found that was easily fixed.
  • Performed 5 complete trial runs before doing actual upgrade.

There were some conflicts between recommendations from Dassault and Microsoft, for example, creating statistics on SQL Server. None of these conflicts influenced the functioning of the database, just performance (hence the client can try it one way for a week and then the other way for a week and determine what works best for their situation).

The time from the first migration tests in February 2009 to being in production on SQL Server in August 2009 was about 6 months.


Read the case study here.


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