Infor: Heading to Chile? Budget on AVIS running on SQL Server

In the developing world, there is often a shortage of two things: money and technical skills. People with top technical skills often immigrate to better paying markets, adversely impacting the local economy.  AVIS-Budget Chile has grown from a single desk with 10 cars in Santiago in 1970 to every airport in the country.  AVIS needs included:

  • A need to improve productivity and increase uptime.
  • A need to assign resources efficiently and be more productive.
  • Moreover, their current software could not support growth and was unable to manage assets according to Avis-Budget quality standards.

The solution was Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), running on SQL Server. SQL Server not only provided a lower Total Cost of Ownership but also allowed them to succeed in an environment suffering from technological immigration.  The easier learning curve and simple integration with Microsoft Office products reduced the dependency on having highly skilled technical resources available.  Using SQL Server was the pragmatic choice.

"Our growth plans are ambitious. We plan to grow double by 2015, so we needed a solution to support our strategy. That is why we selected Infor EAM, Infor offered us the best solution in the market, easy to use and implement. It is also a scalable and flexible tool. It will help us save costs, enhance asset management and improve equipment tracking, adding value to our operations and improving customer service,"

Leonardo Mora, project manager, Avis-Budget Chile.

You can read the news release here.

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