PROS: Tarmac cements future growth and profits with PROS Pricing running on SQL Server

Tarmac is a cement and aggregates manufacturer operating in the United Kingdom. Tarmac produces the material to build roads and buildings: crushed rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, cement, concrete and mortar.  Tarmac was PROS' first customer in the quarrying and construction industry.

"PROS' references were also substantially better than any competitor -- the biggest differentiator for Tarmac.”  
- Chris Mabbott, team lead for vendor evaluation at Tarmac

“One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers in commodity industries is making accurate, timely pricing decisions in a climate of increasing competition and complexity. We look forward to working with Tarmac to increase their ability to make smart pricing decisions that support their corporate goals and help make pricing a strategic competitive advantage for Tarmac in their industry.”
- Andres Reiner, president and CEO of PROS. 

PROS' Pricing uses SQL Server Analysis Service as an essential part of its tools set.

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