Kronos: Scalability Whitepaper for SQL Server 2005

I have been going though posts on our old blog to select a few "Best of" repostings. While SQL Server 2008 R2 is clearly the best choice, with some recent studies suggesting a 10% performance improvement over SQL Server 2005, often corporate policy may not allow its selection. The white paper may be downloaded from here.

SQL Server: The Scalable, High-Performance Platform for Kronos Workforce Central

Download the white paper and learn how Microsoft® SQL Server™ provides an optimal, enterprise-ready, highly scalable data platform for Kronos® Workforce Central® applications, based on large-scale benchmarking studies performed jointly by Kronos and Microsoft.

Workforce Timekeeper benchmark

In one test, with Workforce Timekeeper™ running on the SQL Server database platform, the following results were achieved:

  • 3,750 managers closed their pay periods in six hours
  • Timecards of 20,000 professional employees were processed, entering pay period data in two hours
  • Shift changes of over 100,000 employees were handled in one hour
  • 384,000 employees were signed off in three hours
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