Siemens PLM running on SQL Server is less work for one man support staff

Recently I was reading the PLM World e-Newsletter article entitled “A One-Man Show: Maintenance Tips from a Solo CAxPLM Administrator” by Larry Carpenter (P.E.) I have encountered this situation often in talking with PLM support staff:  the typical PLM support person is a P.E. (Professional Engineer) and lacks any software certifications.

Larry had the rare occurrence to pick, and not inherit, the database. His reasons for picking SQL Server were:

 I’ve used Oracle over the years at other companies for Teamcenter, but for my current company I chose MS SQL 2005 to host our Teamcenter database since it was easier to learn for a “do-it-yourselfer” type like, well, myself.

Larry describes a variety of ways to automate a lot of activities for SQL Server and Teamcenter Servers. He “intentionally left out details on exactly how to implement these ideas because those details would vary, depending on your specific IT infrastructure and needs”.

For the SQL Server part of his recommendations, stay tuned for visual step-by-step posts targeted for P.E.s in the next few months.

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