SIEMENS: Teamcenter reduces storage requirements by 50% on SQL Server

Siemens is a leading provider of enterprise manufacturing execution and quality systems. Teamcenter 2007 is a suite of lifecycle management solutions improving productivity by connecting people with the product and process knowledge. There are over 4 million licensed seats of Teamcenter worldwide.

With the current trend of firms trimming costs, lowering the total cost of ownership is a concern for both ISV companies and their clients. Siemens tested SQL Server to see if can handle loads currently handled by DB2 and Oracle. The answer was yes, no problem. Customers now have the option of doing a confident migration to SQL Server when growth and technological obsolescence of hardware forces a reexamination of IT strategy. SQL Server provides a lower total cost of ownership allowing more money to address corporate strategic goals. One key aspect is the saving of storage space seen with SQL Server 2008 database compression. This savings of space allow current SANS to be reused for other applications resulting in a significant savings to the customer.

Measure SQL Server 2008
Teamcenter 2007
Concurrent Users 5000 (50,000 seat deployment)
Space Saved (over other DBs) 50%

You may read the case study  SQL Server 2008 case study.

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