Telvent: For the Smart Grid, smart utilities use SQL Server

Telvent Designer allows the next generation of infrastructure needed to support modern commerce to be designed.  Microsoft SQL Server 2008 supports spatial data -- the locations of items expressed as longitude, latitude. Modern GPS devices can locate items within a few feet. SQL Server spatial ability allows data from different organizational silos to be coordinated and turn this data into comprehensive information that can be acted upon.

What are some of the factors that Telvent considered in selecting SQL Server:

  • Ability to handle spatial data well
  • Security of the data -- information about grids is a national security issue.
  • Developer productivity -- the faster that the data can be integrated, the faster that the future grid will unfold
  • Business intelligence tools to retrieve and cross compare data
  • Low total-cost-of-ownership -- utilities prefer to spend money on grid infrastructure projects and not IT

SQL Server 2008 is a key part of Microsoft’s Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA). SERA enables utilities to make the most of smart grid capabilities, optimize capital expenditures, and facilitate profitable grid management.

For more information, see this summary. Also read more on Microsoft Power and Utilities Blog on Telvent's focus.

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