Telvent: The other Grid runs on SQL Server 2008

Telvent’s ArcFM Enterprise GIS Solution is a complete utility GIS solution covering electric, gas, sewage and water grids. Without the electric grid, grid computing would not happen. Your utility infrastructure is managed more efficiently and effectively through ArcFM.

ArcFM provides tools for:

  • Editing,
  • Modeling,
  • Maintaining, and
  • Managing facility asset information.

This information is available by field workers, linemen and from the desktop. SQL Server allows the tetrabytes of maps, diagrams and construction information to be instantly available when needed.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 provides business intelligence and provides massively parallel processing (MPP) needed for effective management. As a former Operations Research analyst for a utility, I can testify that the volume and complexity of calculations needed to keep the grids essential for our life style requires MPP power. I am pleased that SQL Server provides this power with a low cost of ownership. 

For more information, read this summary.

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