Kronos’ tip: Avoiding an installation issue

Advisor and Reviewer:

Bryan deSilva, Managing Director and Chief Evangelist at His bio can be found here


Recently I had a conversation with Bryan deSilva, Chief Evangelist of Improvizations, a firm that specializes in workforce management software implementations. He is an active blogger on Kronos (here). During our chat, he identified one common installation problem he has seen which I will provide a visual step-by-step solution to.

Installation Issue: SQL Server needs TCP/IP Enabled for Kronos

To check this is a simple process,

  1. Click Start / Program and you will find a ‘SQL Server Configuration Manager’ under Microsoft SQL Server {2005,2008} / Configuration Tools as shown below.
  2. This will open up the application as shown below
  3. Click on ‘SQL Server Network Configuration’ and identify the Server Instance that is running Kronos, for example ‘ECOMMERCE’, then double click
  4. You will see ‘TCP/IP’ listed under the Protocol Name, the status should be ‘Enabled’
    • If not, then select TCP/IP and right click. This will bring up a menu, select ‘Enable’
    • You will then see a message telling you to stop and restart SQL Server.

Best practice is to disable both Named Pipes and VIA. You may wish to disable ‘Shared Memory’ to give SQL Server more resources.

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