Best Practices for Running Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA on SQL Server 2008

Enterprises have come to rely on increasingly robust product lifecycle management (PLM) systems to streamline their businesses and keep costs down. PLM systems, in turn, rely on high-performance databases. When the database system underlying the PLM software is unreliable or slow, the PLM software cannot work efficiently, and the value of the system is eroded. Therefore, selecting a PLM system—and selecting a database for that PLM system—are important business decisions.

Dassault Systèmes ENOVIA V6 is a standards-based, scalable PLM system that is able to support the largest, most complex product lifecycle management deployments. It provides the flexibility to easily configure business processes, user interfaces, and infrastructure options to help ensure that they meet an organization’s needs.

This white paper provides best practices for setting up a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database platform for ENOVIA V6. It also describes some of the benefits that SQL Server 2008 data management software brings to an ENOVIA V6 PLM system, demonstrating that together, SQL Server 2008 and ENOVIA V6 provide a reliable and cost-effective PLM system that can help an enterprise improve time to market and profitability.

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