Volvo Aero uses Siemens PLM and made the switch from Oracle to SQL Server

Volvo Aero, a subsidiary of AB Volvo, develops and manufactures high-technology components for aircraft, rocket, and gas turbine engines. The company partners with original equipment manufacturers such as General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce to serve both private and military customers.

That seems like some pretty important information to me so it makes you wonder why the change?

It’s very important to us that our software partners can guarantee that they will work together, and we have found that Microsoft and Siemens work very well together. As a result, we decided that our ideal would be to have an infrastructure that is almost totally based on Microsoft and Siemens technologies.” - Hans Widerberg, Chief Information Officer for Volvo Aero

 In 2009, the company completed a migration from an Oracle to a Microsoft infrastructure.

By migrating from Oracle to Microsoft, we reduced the number of different solutions and achieved a cleaner, simpler IT environment with a minimum number of interfaces,” says Widerberg. “Now, we have almost the same IT budget as in the early nineties, but with about 10 times as many users. And because the Microsoft environment is so intuitive and familiar to our employees, installation, development, and management are much faster and easier than before—and we have very satisfied users.”

I'm sorry... did he say almost the SAME IT budget as the early nineties but with about 10 times as many users?

Volvo Aero runs its mission-critical applications on the Microsoft Application Infrastructure because it:

  • Helps the company share vital data internally and throughout its supply chain.
  • Delivers high reliability and scalability.
  • Provides the ability to quickly and cost-effectively adapt to changes in business processes or organization.

With a product life-cycle management solution based on the Microsoft Application Infrastructure, Volvo Aero has the flexibility, stability, and rapid-development capabilities that it needs to remain an agile leader in its industry.

So if Volvo Aero trusts it's mission critical applications like Siemens PLM to run on Microsoft SQL Server... shouldn't you?  

Please read the Volvo Aero Microsoft Case Study for more information

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