Why You Should Upgrade Siemens Teamcenter to SQL Server 2008?

We've seen in previous blog posts how SQL Server stacks up against the competition when it comes to features, price, and performance but how does SQL Server stack up against itself?

Siemens engineers visited the Microsoft Engineering Excellence Center Laboratory in Redmond, Washington to conduct their own heavy-load tests of Teamcenter running on SQL Server 2008 Enterprise (64-bit) and the Windows Server 2008 for 64-Bit Systems operating system, running on Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors.

Teamcenter upgraded seamlessly to SQL Server 2008 and provided enhanced performance compared to SQL Server 2005. Testing identified benefits, including:

  • Faster Response Rate. Testing found a 20 percent improvement over SQL Server 2005 in average database response times.
  • High Concurrency for Scalability. The Siemens team found that with SQL Server 2008, Teamcenter “easily scales” to 5,000 concurrent users. Even at peak loads the testing found only a 20.75 percent CPU utilization. 
  • CPU and RAM Savings. SQL Server 2008 showed a 10 percent reduction in CPU utilization during peak usage and a 5 percent reduction in RAM usage compared to SQL Server 2005.
  • Compression. Testing found that the Data Compression feature of SQL Server 2008 provided an average of 50 percent compression —while only increasing CPU overhead by 1 to 2 percent. 
  • Low TCO. The impressive test results were accomplished using industry-standard hardware powered by Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core processors. The SQL Server processor licensing model only charges per processor, regardless of the number of cores.

“Certifying SQL Server 2008 was important to us because more and more of our customers want to deploy our PLM solution using the Microsoft Application Platform,” says Christian Kelley, Vice President, Partner and Platform Marketing, Siemens PLM Software. “Our testing demonstrates that SQL Server 2008 provides Enterprise-class performance—with a low total cost of ownership.”

Check out the Siemens PLM Software on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Case Study for more information

For Siemens Teamcenter and Microsoft news, events, and further information, see the Siemens PLM and Microsoft Alliance page.


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