Choosing the Right Edition of SQL Server for Siemens Teamcenter

Teamcenter 8.1 can run on either the Standard or Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2005 or 2008. Regardless of version and edition, you should always run on the latest SQL Server service pack, which you can find in the Downloads section of the SQL Server Developer Center.

For most functional aspects of Teamcenter, SQL Server Standard and Enterprise editions are equivalent. However, the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server includes a variety of higher-end features, including the ability to use more than four CPUs in a database server. The table below summarizes some of the key distinctions between editions.

Choose Standard Edition if:  Choose Enterprise Edition if: 
Your database server has <= 4 CPU sockets  Your server has > 4 CPU sockets
Your high availability requirements can be met with a 2-node failover cluster Your high availability requirements are best met with a failover cluster with 3+ nodes You will use SQL Server Data Compression
  You will use SQL Server Data Compression
  You will use SQL Server Backup Compression
  You will use native encryption of database files on disk with Transparent Data Encryption
  You plan on utilizing rich, rigorous, and application-independent auditing of data access with SQL Server Audit
  You want to manage server capacity with Resource Governor
  You want to capability to use online index rebuilds
  You want to be able to hot add RAM and CPU
  Your server uses an IA64 chip architecture

SQL Server Enterprise Edition also has a wide array of advanced data warehousing features for analytics, data mining, and ETL. 

For more information, go online to read about SQL Server 2008 Editions or the SQL Server 2005 Feature Comparison.

For Siemens Teamcenter and Microsoft news, events, and further information, see the Siemens PLM and Microsoft Alliance page.


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