Strategic Alliances Just Make Sense

"Results are class leading and outstanding" - Simon Henman (Project Manager for Technical Approval at Temenos)

"Excellent performance and scalability, all while attempting to reduce the total cost of ownership" - Nitasha Chopra (Software Performance Engineer at Intel)

Tier 1 mission critical applications (like Temenos which runs at over 700 banks worldwide) would suffer a major loss in revenue if a service interruption was to occur.  It just makes sense for companies (like Temenos) to form a strategic alliance with Microsoft and Intel to jointly engage on product engineering to help customers be successful in running Tier 1 core banking applications on the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

Bringing 3 different companies together each with their own expertise (Temenos - Application, Intel - Hardware, Microsoft - Database Platform) shows not only their individual but their joint commitment in providing an exceptional best-of-class solution to their customers.

Please watch the video below for more information

Also check out the Benchmark Results for Temenos T24 with SQL Server 2008 R2 on Intel-based NEC Servers report for more information

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