Migration Guide – Oracle to SQL Server (Siemens Teamcenter)

In recent posts we've discussed some of the comparisons between the Microsoft SQL Server platform and it's competitors.  We've discussed (in Why Pay More For Less) the difference in cost of Microsoft SQL Server versus it's competitors and (in Buying a Vehicle vs. Buying a Database Platform) the differences in the features included with the Enterprise Edition of Microsoft SQL Server versus it's competitors.

So we've provided plenty of reasons as to why Microsoft SQL Server should be your only choice for running enterprise level applications so your next question might be, so what now?

Siemens and Microsoft have gotten together to create a "migration guide" on how to migrate Siemens Teamcenter data from an Oracle database to a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.  This highly detailed whitepaper will take you through all the steps needed to ensure your migration is a success.  Sections included:

  • Overview of the Teamcenter Oracle to SQL Server Migration Process
  • Creating the Migration Plan
  • Installing the Teamcenter SQL Server Database
  • Installing the Oracle Client
  • Creating a Linked Server
  • Installing SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle v4.0
  • Determining Teamcenter Customizations
  • Migrating the Data into the Teamcenter Database
  • Performing Post-Migration Tasks
  • Validating the Migration through Teamcenter Use-Cases

Check out the Siemens Teamcenter Oracle to SQL Server Migration Guide whitepaper for more information

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