Policy-Based Management and Best Practices for Running Siemens Teamcenter

Policy-Based Management gives DBAs the ability to define and set policies (standards) and evaluate those policies against the instances of SQL Server in their environment. 

As documented in the Best Practices for Running Siemens Teamcenter whitepaper there are a number of installation options and configuration changes needed to help avoid or minimize common problems and optimize the performance of Siemens Teamcenter on SQL Server.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have these best practice recommendations available as policies so that you could evaluate your Siemens Teamcenter SQL Server instances automatically?  Below is a list of 10 best practices described in the Best Practices for Running Siemens Teamcenter whitepaper and their associated policies which are available to download. 

Note: Not all recommendations have been converted into policies so it is important to review and apply the remaining best practices from the Best Practices for Running Siemens Teamcenter whitepaper.

Best Practice Description Policy Name Policy Definition

Database Engine Service Account should not be set to LOCAL SYSTEM

Teamcenter_DBEngineServiceAccount Download
Server Collation should be set to Latin1_General_BIN Teamcenter_ServerCollation Download
Security Mode should be Mixed Authentication Teamcenter_SecurityMode Download
Database Engine should be set to Autostart Teamcenter_DBEngineAutostart Download
SQL Server Agent should be set to Autostart Teamcenter_SQLServerAgentAutostart Download
TempDB should not be on the C:\ drive Teamcenter_TempDBLocation Download
Maximum Degree of Parallelism should be set to 1 Teamcenter_MAXDOP Download
Auto Close should be disabled Teamcenter_AutoClose Download
Auto Shrink should be disabled Teamcenter_AutoShrink Download
Auto Create and Auto Update Statistics should be enabled Teamcenter_Statistics Download
All All Download

Note: In order to be able to evaluate the Teamcenter_SQLServerAgentAutoStart Policy the “Agent XPs” component needs to be enabled.  A system administrator can enable the use of “Agent XPs” by using sp_configure.

For information on Importing a Policy-Based Management Policy please see:

How to: Export and Import a Policy-Based Management Policy

For more information on Policy-Based Management please review the links below.

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