Office Online Server 와 SharePoint 2016 의 S2S (Server to Server) 인증 구성 방법 (1/2)

SharePoint 2013 에서 SharePoint 2016 으로 업그레이드 되면서 많은 변화가 있었습니다.

그중, BI 측면에서 가장 큰 변화는 Excel Service 의 기능이 SharePoint 가 아닌 Office Online Server 2016 의 Excel Online 의 한 파트로 동작 한다는 점입니다. ( 아래의 참고 자료 1. )

이러한 변화로 인해 SharePoint 2016 에서 ODC file 을 사용하기 위해서는 추가로 S2S ( Server to Server Authentication ) 구성을 해야 합니다.

이를 위한 참고 문서를 정리하고, 다음 블로깅 에서 S2S 구성 방법을 Step by Step 으로 설명 하려고 합니다.


[참고 자료]

1. What's deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server 2016

Excel Services in SharePoint

Excel Services and its associated business intelligence capabilities are no longer hosted on SharePoint Server. Excel Services functionality is now part of Excel Online in Office Online Server (this is the next version of Office Web Apps Server), and SharePoint users can use the services from there. For more information, see Office Online Server now availableOffice Online Server, and Configure Excel Online administrative settings.

If you currently use Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 and upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 you must also deploy Office Online Server with Excel Online to ensure Excel Services functionality remains available.

The following Excel Services functionality has been deprecated:

  • Trusted data providers
  • Trusted file locations
  • Trusted data connection libraries
  • Unattended service account
  • Excel Services Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  • Opening of Excel workbooks from SharePoint Central Administration site

The following Excel Services functionality requires Excel Online in Office Online Server:

  • Viewing and editing Excel workbooks in a browser (with or without the Data Model)
  • Excel Web Access web part for SharePoint
  • ODC file support (no longer requires Data Connection Libraries)
  • Programmability features such as JavaScript OM, User Defined Function Assemblies, SOAP and REST protocol support

2. Configure server-to-server authentication between Office Online Server and SharePoint Server 2016

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