OAuth, o365 APIs and Azure Service Management APIs – Using Them All Together

I’ve been spending some time lately fooling around the o365 API’s.  Frankly, it has been a hugely frustrating experience; I’ve never seen so many documentation gaps and examples and sample code that didn’t work, to flat out wouldn’t compile in a long time.  So, once I finally stumbled up on the “right” collection of code…


How To Control App Token Lifetimes in SharePoint 2013

Today's post is the first selection from the little twitter contest I announced on the Share-n-Dipity blog a few days ago:  http://blogs.technet.com/b/speschka/archive/2013/09/04/use-social-tools-to-tell-me-what-you-want-to-see-here-next.aspx.  Shariq wanted to know more about the lifetime for high trust app tokens, as he tweeted here: @speschka – I would be keen to understand more around caching tokens in High Trust Apps….


Missing Context Token in Low Trust App with SharePoint 2013

Should you decide that you want to write low trust apps for an on-premises SharePoint 2013 farm, there are a number of hoops you should expect to jump through (NOTE:  this assumes the SPNs for your web apps are already configured in the MsolServicePrincipal for your o365 tenant): Create a new app in Visual Studio;…


Using SharePoint Apps with SAML and FBA Sites in SharePoint 2013

Hopefully by now everyone has heard about the new app model in SharePoint 2013.  There’s a lot of documentation out there about it so I won’t go into exactly what it is.  What you should know is that it’s the preferred model for developing applications going forward.  If you’ve done any development with the new…


More TroubleShooting Tips for High Trust Apps on SharePoint 2013

Hey, I'm an app guy, I like doing dev, but honestly – I may go hoarse screaming at my computer if I have to track down one more "The issuer of the token is not a trusted issuer" problem with my new SharePoint apps.  To try and help you save your own voice (and sanity)…


Setting Up an oAuth Trust Between Farms in SharePoint 2013

One of the things you’re likely to hear a lot about in SharePoint 2013, and I may end up writing a lot about, is oAuth.  In SharePoint 2013 oAuth is used to establish a trust between two applications for purposes of establishing the identity of a principal (user or application).  In SharePoint you will use…


Facebook DataView WebPart Code from SharePoint Conference

For those of you who attended my SPC 351 session at SharePoint Conference today (Hitting the Ground Running with Claims Authentication), there was a request for some source code.   As promised, I'm attaching a zip file with the source to the Facebook DataView WebPart I demonstrated.  It's based on using ACS to log into a…