Using the Yammer API in a .NET Client Application

UPDATE 12/17/2013:  The authentication process Yammer uses to issue an access code changed recently.  If you have been getting a 404 error when executing the 3rd line of code previously described below to get the token, then read the updated step 3 below and/or grab the updated code attached to this post. Recently I’ve been…


Using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication With Azure Active Directory and SharePoint 2013

Today I’m going to look at one of the new and interesting security features the Azure team is providing called Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).  What it enables you to do is to use a set of services provided by the Azure team for a second form of authentication when a user logs in.  The most…


How To Control App Token Lifetimes in SharePoint 2013

Today's post is the first selection from the little twitter contest I announced on the Share-n-Dipity blog a few days ago:  Shariq wanted to know more about the lifetime for high trust app tokens, as he tweeted here: @speschka – I would be keen to understand more around caching tokens in High Trust Apps….


Use Social Tools to Tell me What You Want to See Here Next

Hey folks, I decided to try something completely new and different (on a few different fronts).  I mostly blog about topics that I’ve seen come up with customers, or requests from folks that I know at work.  I thought I’d give a go at harnessing the power of social media though to get ideas and…


Dedicating Servers to Distributed Cache in SharePoint 2013

I think I’ve been asked questions about this a half dozen times in the last month, so I decided to just capture my thoughts in a blog past and as always, let you – the viewing public – swing away at it.  The question posed has been should we dedicate a separate set of servers for…


Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 8

PREVIOUS:  Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 7 For this, the very last in the series, I just wanted to briefly talk at a high level about the process you should be doing when developing an App for a SharePoint site that uses SAML (or FBA for that matter).  I’ve already written a detailed post…


Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 7

PREVIOUS:  Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 6 In this part of the series, I’m going to shift gears a bit and talk about high trust apps and the plumbing that goes along with them.  As I’ve explained somewhat earlier in this series, one of the big differences between low trust and high trust apps…


Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 6

PREVIOUS:  Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 5 As promised, in this part of the series we’re going to talk about the big dogs of App security – those options that you can use to let you do anything, anywhere with your content.  Specifically we’re going to look at App Only policy apps, and tenant…


Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 5

PREVIOUS:  Security in SharePoint Apps – Part 4 As promised in Part 4, there’s actually a very interesting type of application that you don’t even install in a site collection.  How can this be you ask…well let’s talk about it.  With most apps, you have to deploy it somewhere to be installed – the SharePoint…