Creating Service Applications and Service Application Proxies for SharePoint 2010 in PowerShell

This is kind of a silly little thing really, but I just stumbled upon it because it's one of those things that when you are trying to do it, you end up pulling your hair out trying to remember how.  Just wanted to show a rather inventive and simple method for creating a service application and proxy in basically one fell swoop.  Here you go, maybe bookmark this page for those times when you're trying to recall how to do it so simply:

$appPool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name "SharePoint Web Services Default"
New-SPWordViewingServiceApplication -Name "WdView" -ApplicationPool $appPool | New-SPWordViewingServiceApplicationProxy -Name "WdProxy"
New-SPPowerPointServiceApplication -Name "PPT" -ApplicationPool $appPool | New-SPPowerPointServiceApplicationProxy -Name "PPTProxy"
New-SPExcelServiceApplication -Name "Excel" -ApplicationPool $appPool

Anyways, thought this was kind of cool so figured I'd share.

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    Thanks, this came in handy today 😉

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