Office 365 Search Monitoring at Office365Mon

Today we’re announcing a new feature at Office365Mon that our customers have been asking about for quite some time.  We’ve added the ability to monitor the Search service in your SharePoint Online tenant using our well-established health probe architecture.  This has been frequently requested because Search in SharePoint plays such a pivotal role in content…


The Office365Mon REST APIs Continue to Grow

At Office365Mon we love, love, love developers, so we continue to invest in growing the APIs we provide.  As we noted last month, we added support for webhooks to our notification pipeline.  That allows you to receive a JSON payload in your own web site and kick off your own workflow when outages occur or…


New Year-Over-Year Reporting at Office365Mon

We just released a mini-feature that our long and loyal customer base will appreciate.  For those of you not following closely, we opened the doors to our service just about a year ago.  One of the things that means is that for customers who have been with us since the beginning, you will be able…


The New Azure Converged Auth Model and Office 365 APIs

Microsoft is currently working on a new authentication and authorization model that is simply referred to as “v2” in the docs that they have available right now. I decided to spend some time taking a look around this model and in the process have been writing up some tips and other useful information and code…


Know When Your Azure Identity Won’t Work with Office 365 APIs

As those of you who are familiar with Office365Mon know, we heavily leverage the Office 365 APIs in our solution.  It’s been a key player in being able to issue now over 100 million health probes against Office 365.  I know and have talked to lots of you as well that are starting to build…


Invalid Client Secret when Publishing Azure AD Secured Apps

Back to my old nemesis…the long very long blog post title.  🙂   I ran across this problem myself recently, and had seen someone else experience but not had the time to dig into it.  In short the problem goes something like this – you create a new ASP.NET web application in Visual Studio 2015.  You…


Newly Released – Analyze your Office 365 Outage Data in Power BI

We’re very happy today to announce the release of new integration between the Office365Mon reporting data and Power BI in Office 365. Office365Mon is used to monitor your SharePoint Online and Exchange Online tenants. Along the way it captures quite a bit of data related to outages in your tenants as well as performance data….


How To Monitor Multiple Mailboxes and Sites with Office365Mon

As we’ve had more and more interest from customers wanting to monitor multiple mailboxes and sites with Office365Mon, I decided it was time to both make it easier to do and to explain some of the facts you need to keep in mind when monitoring multiple resources. If you look at our pricing page you’ll…


Azure B2B First Look

This is a companion piece to the Azure B2C First Look I published last week. This post is some first thoughts around the new Azure B2B features that were recently announced. The goal of Azure B2B is to reduce the complexity and rigidity of managing business to business relationships and sharing data. The announcement around…