Azure forensics-interesting post on MSDN

sharing an awesome post i read on MSDN

Hack and a thought

Recently I came across a cute hack to reset windows 7 password, someone shared that to me , saying its cake walk I looked at it and tested it in lab and was able to change the password as explained in it. Then I also came across the ways to mitigate this for example. If…

Pass the Hash attack -who's problem is it anyway?

Introduction This intro is purely for people who are not from information security and have not heard of this attack, although that's rare. So straight from the Microsoft  pass the hash whitepapers. " What is the PtH attack? The Pass-the-Hash (PtH) attack and other credential theft and reuse types of attack use an iterative two stage…

Few words about DDOS(Distributed Denial of service) attack

Most of my friends from IT must be aware of what is a DOS(Denial of Service) attack and about DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service). For those friends who are not this article explains about DOS attacks and this one is about DDOS. Recently I worked on these scenarios and thought  of sharing the experiences and some suggestions….

Crypto locker on your Machine

Probably one of the smartest malware, in my opinion, yes I’m starting with praise for this malware. Very smart modus operandi. If you are struck with it, you have only two options either you pay or forget about your files. If you are smart then you will keep your machines protected by super patching, leaving…