Windows update fails with error 80072f8f on TMG server

Issue: Windows update fails with error 80072f8f on TMG server.

Scenario : Admin was trying to do windows update on the TMG server and it was failing with error 80072f8f.

Troubleshooting Approach and Resolution

1. We know windows update uses http , so first checked the browser's proxy settings , if its configured with a proxy or not if yes then is it using itself as proxy or some other device/machine as a proxy. We found that browser was configured with proxy settings and proxy was a third party server.

2. Tested  internet access i.e tried to access without proxy in the browser, we had a test access rule on TMG server to allow access between localhost and external for http Our test gave us page could not be displayed. Then tested with TMG server as proxy server, that failed as well, then tested with the proxy server that customer was using and we got the page prperly.

3. That explained that TMG server could not access internet directly and we have to configure webchaining making the third party proxy server as the upstream proxy server. Then after configuring web chaining we tested by trying to do windows update and it worked.

Reference about how to configure webchaining :

Comments (3)

  1. John says:

    Windows update Error. 80072f8f , I tried with Date and time, , I tried to download a windows update agent , and microsfot fix kit ( i go through with bits, windows update, work station services ) and i removed data store files. fix the corrupted regestries.
    deleted the cache. , even no use, as per the guidance provided online Each and every thing is correct. still the update error.

    Let me know how to resolve the problem. apart from date and time settings what else we need to check . let me know the root cause how to fix this problem. Thank you.

  2. Ed says:

    Ya, I tried all that same. Nothing. And I can’t resort to a backup either

  3. Ed says:

    What if it may be a problem with a CERT

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