Using Eventmon and Nmcap to take network monitor trace when a particular Event is generated.

There are times when you want to take netmon trace when a certain event is generated on the server/machine. There is a nice blogpost that explains the usage of Eventmon and Nmcap   To elaborate further to simply it, i thought of adding more info here we need to install network monitor (=>3.4  approximately)….


Collecting Data Using Xperf for High CPU utilization of a process

We can investigate the high CPU utilization for a process using xperf tool. Please download it from here and choose following installation option while installing it.   It would install windows performance tool kit in c:\program files and you will find a folder by this name in program files. Please copy all the  files in…


Windows update fails with error 80072f8f on TMG server

Issue: Windows update fails with error 80072f8f on TMG server. Scenario : Admin was trying to do windows update on the TMG server and it was failing with error 80072f8f. Troubleshooting Approach and Resolution 1. We know windows update uses http , so first checked the browser’s proxy settings , if its configured with a…

WPAD is working or not

Some background about WPAD, before I start the core discussion.As per ISA Server uses the Web Proxy Automatic Discovery (WPAD) protocol, which allows automatic discovery of Web Proxy servers. ISA Server uses WPAD to provide a mechanism for clients to locate a WPAD entry containing a URL that points to a server on which the…

ISA/TMG build numbers

For my reference and for all the users reference posting link that has the ISA/TMG server build numbers