Ldp connection to CSS server -domain scenario- A quick walk through

This is a quick walkthrough for one of my friends who put a question on the social ISA/TMG forum about LDP connection to CSS (Configuration Storage Server) server. I would just add snapshots for now(for quick easy reference ) and then later add instructions and comments: This is aDomain Scenario i.e. CSS and node both are in domain

Here we go:  running Ldp from array node i.e.

quick intro(http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/Forefrontedgegeneral/thread/3d4e6922-9b39-4462-acba-91c419ec29da/#1048a697-4fa2-449b-ad4d-1a8eb0ed9f5b)

CSS: ISA01.mylabisa.local

Array Node: ISA02.mylabisa.local

when you click the plus sign to expand you will see following folders.

Then double click CN=Array-Root,CN=FPC2 node and you should see two more nodes just below it i.e. expanded as shown below.


So as you can see In this scenario I m double clicking a node to expand it. So you can do the same and nodes should expand further.

Rest of details later

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