Ports required Between EMS and nodes :TMG 2010

Recently I have seen many queries about the ports required between TMG EMS server and its nodes. This information is required in scenarios most of the times if there is a firewall in between EMS server and TMG nodes, to open the ports required on the intermediate firewall.

The ports required are same as they were in case of ISA server CSS(Configuration Storage Server) and the nodes. Following fig provides the ports required for operation of ISA/TMG server in various scenarios



Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please be aware that TMG needs ports 10000-65535 open for RPC communication between the EMS and the node!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree philipp!!

  3. Praakassh Ghaitadke says:

    Does it means, it will not work if i allow ports 49152-65535 between TMG and EMS?

  4. Amit Bhatnagar says:

    Hey Suraj, Why is RPC being being done on 10000 to 65535. Is RPC configured different incase of TMG. For 2008 OS, RPC as per MS is 49152-65535. Kindly clarify!

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