CPU utilization high for ISA Server 2006 with NLB

Hi friends, Following is a useful discussion on the ISA/TMG social forum.(here cpu utilization is of the switch to which NLB hosts are connecting) http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/Forefrontedgegeneral/thread/87d52d1c-2cd7-47c5-b1be-bd261f7cac29/#23838e9a-3cc2-43c2-963e-337dfb82bb81 Please have a look Thanks and Regards Suraj singh


Ldp connection to CSS server -domain scenario- A quick walk through

This is a quick walkthrough for one of my friends who put a question on the social ISA/TMG forum about LDP connection to CSS (Configuration Storage Server) server. I would just add snapshots for now(for quick easy reference ) and then later add instructions and comments: This is aDomain Scenario i.e. CSS and node both are in…


UAG: Publish a website using TMG on a UAG server( Although this is not supported but in certain conditions following work around can be considered)

Objective : Publish a website using TMG on a UAG server. Note: Following  is a proof of concept(done in a lab scenario) not a solution and not supported on a UAG server. Steps taken 1.      We need to unbind the IP address from http ,that we will be using in the TMG. We have,,…

Publish OWA with TMG -Single NIC configuration

Recently i answered this in our social forum, i hope this is of interest to my friends who follow my Blog so shareing it here the link   http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/Forefrontedgegeneral/thread/89c51627-e811-4465-ae6a-8e732cd64fa8/#69cc918e-8da8-4e63-9ed0-610cea3044f3 Please have a look. Thanks and Regards Suraj Singh

Firewall client channel setup-Just before the Data channel setup

 Firewall client channel setup-Just before the Data channel setup This is in response to a query posted by one of the readers on My blog post http://blogs.technet.com/b/sooraj-sec/archive/2010/07/28/firewall-client-and-isa-server-how-a-data-channel-is-negotiated-over-firewall-client-control-channel.aspx After the initial TCP handshake on the port1745 by the Firewall client. Firewall client sends the Channel setup request as below, please notice the OpCode that says that…