New federated authentication for Office 365 Test Lab Guide

Are you planning to deploy federated authentication for Microsoft Office 365? With federated authentication, Office 365 refers the connecting user to a separate identity provider to verify the user’s credentials. Now you can try it out in a consequence-free environment with the new Federated identity for your Office 365 dev/test environment Test Lab Guide (TLG)….


Updated Information Protection Poster for Office 365

The Information Protection for Office 365 poster has been a popular resource for tracking capabilities we recommend customers use with Office 365. The latest update includes: Enterprise Mobility + Security capabilities in the E5 plan. More comprehensive representation of Windows 10 capabilities. New Office 365 capabilities, including Advanced Data Governance, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business device…


New Test Lab Guide shows the integration of Dynamics 365 within an Exchange Online mailbox

A key value of Microsoft’s cloud offerings (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Dynamics 365) is integration. A great example is Office 365 and Dynamics 365, in which Exchange Online and SharePoint Online in Office 365 can access and expose the data stored in Dynamics 365. To see the integration between Exchange Online…


New multi-factor authentication for Office 365 Test Lab Guide

Are you curious about multi-factor authentication in Office 365? Multi-factor authentication requires an additional form of identification beyond the user account name and its password. Now you can try it out in a consequence-free environment with the new Multi-factor authentication for your Office 365 dev/test environment Test Lab Guide. This new article steps you through…


Office 365 Advanced Security Management overview and demonstration

How do you know when potentially suspicious activity has occurred in your Office 365 subscription so that you can take the appropriate action? Advanced Security Management for Office 365 includes: Threat detection—Helps you identify high-risk and abnormal usage, and security incidents. An example is shown below. Enhanced control—Shapes your Office 365 environment leveraging granular controls…


New video for the Office 365 identity models

There are three identity models for Office 365: Cloud identity Synchronized identity Federated identity A new 3-minute video for the Understanding Office 365 identity and Azure Active Directory article explains the three models simply and helps you determine which model is most appropriate for your business. If you have 3 minutes, please watch the video and let…


Nine architecture posters are now available in ten new languages

The following posters: Microsoft Cloud Solutions and Platforms Options Microsoft Cloud Identity for Architects Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise Architects Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Architects Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud Information Protection for Office 365 SharePoint 2016 Architecture Models are now available…


Understanding subscriptions, licenses, accounts, and tenants

Are you confused about how to mix and match subscriptions and licenses across Microsoft’s cloud offerings? I hope not. But if you are, the new Subscriptions, licenses, accounts, and tenants for Microsoft’s cloud offerings article attempts to make all of this clearer by discussing the structure of: Organizations – Subscriptions – Licenses – User accounts Here is…


Enterprise administrator content set for Microsoft Office 365

If you are an enterprise administrator for Microsoft Office 365, check out the new Enterprise organizations and Office 365 navigation experience ( This experience which provides a central location from which you can easily access articles about Office 365: Plan for Office 365 Set up Office 365 services Deploy Office clients Security & Compliance Manage services Hybrid…


“Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud” poster describes how a global organization is adopting the Microsoft cloud

The new Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster shows how the Contoso Corporation, a fictional but representative global organization, is embracing a cloud-inclusive IT infrastructure that includes all of Microsoft’s cloud offerings (Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Intune). This new poster contains the following: An overview of the fictional Contoso Corporation, its…