Join us for the August 2017 CAAB Webinar

The August 2017 Cloud Adoption Advisory Board (CAAB) webinar was a Skype meeting that opened at 7:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Tuesday, August 15. It began promptly at 8:00 AM and ran to 9:00 AM. There was time for discussion during the session and the speakers were available for a few minutes after the session for additional questions. Webinar…


Navigation articles for Office 365 Security & Compliance content

To help you find the content you need to secure your Office 365 subscription and make it compliant with your organization’s policies and governmental requirements, there is a new set of articles at The primary links are for common security and compliance tasks. These links take you to additional articles that provide a learning…


Customer 1:1 design sessions at Ignite to help you implement advanced protection capabilities with Office 365 and EMS

The Microsoft Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security suite (EMS) product teams are partnering to offer a limited number of dedicated solution-design sessions for individual customers attending Ignite from September 25-29. These sessions are intended to help IT teams plan and implement advanced capabilities with Office 365 and EMS. Sessions are 45-60 minutes long….


Get the new Isolated SharePoint Online Team Sites Deployment Kit

To assist you in managing the groups and group membership for an isolated SharePoint Online team site, use the Isolated SharePoint Online Team Site Deployment Kit, a ZIP file in the TechNet Gallery that contains the following files: PowerShell_IsolatedSPOSite.txt – The set of all the Microsoft PowerShell commands to create and maintain the access groups…


Updated Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Architects poster includes HA federated identity for Office 365 in Azure

The Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Architects poster has been updated with a new section that describes high availability federated authentication for Office 365 in Azure. This configuration is another example of a multi-tier, highly-available line of business IT workload deployed in an Azure infrastructure services hybrid configuration. See topic 5, Hybrid cloud scenarios for Azure IaaS, of…


New Test Lab Guide for the One Microsoft Cloud

At Microsoft, we think we have the best overall cloud solution in the marketplace, which includes: Microsoft Office 365 for personal productivity and organization communication and collaboration. Microsoft Azure for cloud-based services and applications and hosting your server-based applications in the cloud. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) for identity and security management for your…


New solution for isolated SharePoint Online team sites

SharePoint Online team sites allow you to quickly and easily create new sites for public (organization-wide) or private (confined to group membership) collaboration. If you want to lock down a SharePoint Online team site whose membership and permissions are tightly controlled by designated SharePoint administrators, create an isolated SharePoint Online team site. To help you…


Updated Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster includes new Office 365 security best practices

The Contoso in the Microsoft Cloud poster has been updated with a new section that describes how the Contoso Corporation is using Office 365 security features and best practices to protect access, data, and email and to monitor for suspicious activity. See topic 6, Security, of the poster for this new section: Download this multi-page…


Protect your Office 365 global admin accounts right now with these three steps

Typical Office 365 subscription security breaches are based on compromising a global administrator user account. Once the credentials of a global administrator user account are known, an attacker can harvest the information stored in Office 365 and perform targeted phishing attacks. To protect your global admin accounts, even as a small or medium business, you…


Disable access to Office 365 services while assigning user licenses with PowerShell

Managing user accounts, licenses, and the selective access to specific services in Microsoft Office 365 is an important and ongoing administrative responsibility. Although many of these management tasks can be done in the Office Admin center, some of these can only be done with Microsoft PowerShell commands from the Windows Azure Active Directory Module. Disable…