New poster for the Multi-Geo Preview for OneDrive in Office 365

Multi-geo capabilities are coming to Office 365, which means that Office 365 will support the use of both:

  • A single tenancy (also known as a subscription) that is tied to one Microsoft datacenter.
  • To adhere to regional data residency requirements, the storage of user data in regional Microsoft datacenters.

OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online support for multi-geo are currently in private previews. For the Multi-Geo Preview for OneDrive in Office 365, there is a new one-page poster ( that describes benefits, the steps for deployment, and an example configuration.

You can download the poster in the following formats:

PDF  |  Visio

If you have any feedback on this poster, leave a comment below or send a quick email to

For more information about the coming multi-geo support in Office 365, see these videos:

For more information about the private previews, see


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